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Importers, exporters & makers of garments, Apparels, Apparel, Knitwear, stocklots, Casual-Wear, Jackets, Males, Women & Children Outfits, Dresses, T-shirts, Formalwear, Pantyhose Garments, Sneakers, Jeans, Kidswear, Footwear, Sandals, Work-Wear, Costumer Jewelry, Imitation Jeweleries,Hand Bags, Style Bags etc. KWALITY LTD: The Company situated in Kolkata and was incorporated on June 21, 1992. The Organization provides products under categories, including ghee, including real ghee, natural cow ghee and low-cholesterol ghee; butter; milk powder, including full milk powder and skimmed milk powder; dairy whitener; milk, including full-cream milk, toned milk and dual toned milk, and curd, including collection curd and pouched curd. The Business delivers milk in bags, and curd in options, for example reduced fat, normal, probiotic, meethi dahi, glucose lite. The Business carries and mainly areas its items underneath the manufacturer, Dairy Best.

Key FMCG participants are of getting into Milk business on the fence, along with the organization will probably be beneficiary because it has excellent business and repetitive purchases from Britannia HUL Day and ITC. The company has altered its focus where it's prone to Advance Code get larger realizations to produce more branded items and share has risen up from 28 % in FY13 to 39 % in FY15. The inside design firm provides its solutions to informal restaurant, practices, luxury property, real estate buildings and restaurants.

The organization exports to major amount of dairy products from Asia to more than 28 places including Asia, Bangladesh etc also it constitutes near to 9 % of the total earnings and increased 189 %. Curd & butter sort many the VAP part with 80 % contribution and which are more likely to grow at CAGR of 18 % in next 5 years whereas UHT, flavorful and butter milk is the fastest growing portion at CAGR of 27 PERCENT over next 5 years.